For those who intend to study photography rigorously, we offer a variety of courses capable of responding to a wide range of needs.

The PLAN OF PROFESSIONAL TWO-YEAR PROGRAM OF STUDIES ensures comprehensive knowledge and practice necessary when you opt for a complete training.

The GENERAL PROFESSIONAL COURSE is designed for students interested in improving their skills or for those who want to become professional photographers. 
From 2016 on, students can choose the language in which they will attend this course: either English or Spanish.

PROFESSIONALS COURSE, SPECIALIZED COURSES, WORKSHOPS and SEMINARS allow students and professionals to catch up on a specific subject.

The BASIC COURSE is ideal for those looking to enter the world of photography.

The YOUTH SUMMER CAMPUS (aimed at teenagers from 14 to 17 years old) is the most appropriate way for teens to make their first foray into the field of imaging.

Teaching staff

The team of teachers is undoubtedly the most precious asset of Grisart. A group of photographers who live the day to day professional environment and thereby enrich the classes taught. People with demonstrated empathy and pedagogical capacity, demanding and concerned about providing students with resources and methodology to make them independents.

Academic contents

Since its founding in 1985, Grisart has specialized in teaching photography and has ensured that its courses are rigorous and coherent, focused on providing solid knowledge and awaken vocations.


Theoretical contents are accompanied by periodical and reinforced practices, that students must perform in groups or individually. Depending on their characteristics, may or may not require the facilities of the school.

Students may have access to the school facilities for both the development of the required work throughout the year and free personal projects.

Grisart also proposes a weekly hours of tutoring to supplement teaching, for those projects required in class or for personal projects.


The general criteria for evaluation take into account: the weekly practices, the final project, the tests taken on each section and class attendance.


We deliver private certificates.
All approved courses are credited with a certificate.
For those who have completed an approved the PROFESSIONAL COURSE OF 2 YEARS, Grisart gives a private diploma.

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